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Model Policy
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Our Proof-of-Work 

Satoshi Action Fund is dedicated to protecting the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism on the Bitcoin protocol. We believe this innovation will have a positive impact on the economy, the grid, and the planet.

We have been building relationships...

...crafting model policy for mining

Our model policy centers around helping states attract more Bitcoin mining in an effective and sustainable manner. We do this by unlocking energy assets through policy action and pushing for policy that protects the industry from discrimination. We also encourage each state to "Do Their Own Research" by enacting a commission or council to study this new and innovative technology. 

...getting our model policy introduced

Our model policy has been used as the basis for 5 different bills being introduced in 5 different states. 

This is an important first step for us as a new organization. We will be fighting to ensure each of these policies gets across the finish line in 2023-2024.