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  1.  Do you support a 30 percent tax on energy used for securing the Bitcoin network commonly known as Bitcoin Mining?

  2.  Do you support ending the double taxation of Bitcoin mining rewards so that the digital assets are only taxes at the time of sale?

  3.  Do you support exempting all Bitcoin miners from  registering for ‘know your customer’ or other financial services requirements?

  4.  Will Bitcoin mining factor into your strategic plan for the build out of America’s energy infrastructure? 

  5.  Do you support the United States government holding some amount of Bitcoin in reserves? 

  6.  Would you sign legislation from Congress that clarified which federal agency such as the Commodities Future Trading Commission or Securities and Exchange Commission would regulate each kind of digital asset? 

  7.  Would you sign legislation from Congress that would clarify how digital asset exchanges could operate legally within the United States?

  8.  Do you support the ability for Americans to hold and control their own Bitcoin or other digital assets in a private wallet?

  9.  Do you support the creation of a consumer central bank digital currency?

  10.  Would your administration protect the right of companies that service or hold digital assets to access the federal banking system?


  1.  Candidates can score a maximum of 10 (ten) points 

  2.  Each question is worth 1 (one) point 

  3.  If the candidate supports the pro-BTC position they will receive 1 (one) point

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